Here is what you need to know


What is the SGPMX?

The Singapore Precious Metals Exchange is the world's first physically backed precious metals exchange. It provides bullion storage with 24-hr liquidity for investors, traders and institutions. The Exchange's independent advisory board includes renowned metals trader Jim Sinclair and the former CEO of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Dato' Yusli Yusoff.   Other vaulting services are attempting to promote that they are as comprehensive as SGPMX, but this is the premier Singapore company that boasts Jim Rogers as their first customer and one of the few truly with no US ties (Not a Brinks facility).

Is it Secure?

Yes. Your metal will be fully allocated and segregated in either the Certis CISCO vaults, which are wholly owned and operated by the Singapore government as well as the Singapore Freeport.  Quarterly third-party audits of your holdings are standard, with availability of additional self-directed on-demand audits. You retain 100% legal ownership and can take possession of your assets at any time.  SGPMX has grown so much over the past year that 2 different vaulting locations within Singapore now exisit, each with the same high-end coverage and structure.  All the while, not being in a western run facility such as Brinks.  These are some reasons why SGPMX has quickly become the custodian of so many large precious metals investors.

Why Singapore?

Singapore has transformed itself into one of the world's top financial hubs and is quickly attracting significant offshore wealth. With a stable government, efficient legal system, and history of investment management, Singapore is poised to eclipse Switzerland as the world's largest wealth center.

Who is The Exchange for?

The Exchange is for anyone looking to geographically diversify their financial holdings, whether they already have metal stored domestically, or are a first time buyer.

The Exchange is for small and large investors - you are able to get started with as little as $1,000 in total asset value.

For those with gold/ silver ETFs concerned about counter-party risk wanting a safer physically allocated investment.

How much does it cost?

Typical storage fees are around 0.50% annually (Please see SGPMX for the most recent information). Insured transport and metal verification services for your assets from North America to Singapore are facilitated by Scottsdale Mint. Please contact Scottsdale Mint for an all inclusive quote based on your holdings.

How do I get started?

1. First please visit SGPMX and establish an account. Once the account setup process has commenced, please contact Scottsdale Mint for the next steps.

2. Initiate Asset Transfer Service to authenticate your circulated bullion and store with SGPMX.

How Your Circulated Bullion Is Authenticated

1. Circulated bullion products are transported directly to participating Internationally Recognized Mints for authentication / assaying.

2. One of two processes can happen, and is conducted solely at the discretion of the participating mint and the authorization of the owner of the bullion.

Option 1: Circulated bullion products are refabricated by Scottsdale Mint and newly minted bullion products are then sent into the SGPMX ecosystem.

Option 2: Circulated bullion products are verified for authenticity by Scottsdale Mint and subsequently sent into the SGPMX ecosystem.

3. Bullion is transported by internationally recognized couriers. Bullion products are listed on the airway bill, and are cleared by Singapore customs.

4. After customs clearance, bullion is transported directly into bonded facility by the courier.

5. Sealed boxes are opened and jointly inspected by representatives from the Independent Auditor and SGPMX before being placed inside the vaults.

6. Safekeeping records are made and each product is individually allocated to its owner.

7. Safekeeping receipts are given to the owners of the bullion and are used to match the SGPMX records. These receipts will also be used to facilitate future trading requests by the owner.

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